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We are SurfCleaner®

Unique Clean Water Technology for a Sustainable Future. Learn more about our solutions.

The SurfCleaner Technology

The SurfCleaner technology is unique; by combining variations in inflow velocity and direction with gravimetric separation, the process is very efficient – keeping pollutants from accumulating on the water surface and therefore help minimizing VOC emissions.

The principles behind the technology is Stig Lundbäck’s discovery of the human heart’s Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump (DAPP) functionality. He built on DAPP to invent and develop the SurfCleaner – but he also applied other universal laws of physics from the nature and the universe, such as gravity, equilibrium, variation in rotation velocity in the center and the periphery, different density, and more.

This makes the SurfCleaner a truly natural machine, working in concert with the laws of nature, instead of trying to combat them. All we do is enhancing gravity by setting the liquid in vertical and horizontal motion inside the body of the SurfCleaner – creating a circular inflow at the top, and an outlet at the bottom – the rest is just pure physics. The SurfCleaner needs no pump, no powerpack, no hydraulics, no pneumatics. That is why the operation of the SurfCleaner is so efficient and cost-effective; we just put the forces of nature to work.

Advanced yet ingeniously simple.

SurfCleaner is an EIT InnoEnergy Boostway Company

Boostway is a program for scale-ups that are expanding and entering new markets.
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SurfCleaner is a registered trade mark in the EU

Trade mark number: 018133241
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Medical doctor Stig Lundbäck discovers how the heart performs its pumping and auto-regulating functions – a previously unknown pump technology DAPP (Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump).



Stig was asked if his pump technology could remove oil from the water surface after a spill accident. This resulted in the first prototype and patents – and the company SurfCleaner was created.


Cleaning oil spill

More than 30 products installed at customer sites. For example: Preem, Circle K, Esso, The Swedish coast guard and many more.



Tests performed at Henriksdals waste water plant in Stockholm to collect sludge. The trial lasted two years and resulted in a working prototype, patents and new possibilities for waste water cleaning.


Generation change

Stig’s daughter Christina continues the Lundbäck legacy, taking charge of SurfCleaner together with the new CEO, Mikael Andersson. The company is now focusing on growth, expansion and creating a world-class team.


A new era

SurfCleaner is changing the names of our skimmer separator hybrid models to reflect the separation capacity. The new product names are SCO 8000, SCO 1000 and SCW 6000.  


The problem

Environmental problems caused by mankind are rapidly becoming the greatest humanitarian challenge in the world, with pollution already costing more human lives than war and violence combined.

Today, 80% of global wastewater goes untreated, and two million tons of sewage and other effluents enter the world’s oceans and waterways every single day, causing major problems for both humans and wildlife.

The solution

SurfCleaner is a skimmer separator hybrid for 100% removal, separation and recovery of oil, diesel, petrol, plastics, sludge, debris, and more.

SurfCleaner works without hydraulics, pneumatics, powerpack or pump, and is easy to install, run and maintain.

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