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We are SurfCleaner

Unique Clean Water Technology for a Sustainable Future

We are SurfCleaner

We are responsible

Our vision is that SurfCleaner is available to everyone, everywhere, so that we can all take responsibility for a sustainable future.

Together, we can ensure that oil, petrol, and diesel are removed faster, before toxic gases are formed, before birds, animals and marine life are affected, before our water becomes unfit.

Our cooperation with the oil industry, water and wastewater companies, coast guard, non-profit organizations and other ocean cleaning initiatives around the world enables us to help clean up oil spills and littering – reducing negative environmental effects in the longer term.

It comes from the heart

We have a strong passion for what we can contribute. A passion that started with our founder Stig Lundbäck (MD), who discovered that the human heart’s pump technology can be used in many mechanical applications.

This technology gives life. Not only to the human body, it can also help save the environment. We know that we make a difference, that we can contribute to a cleaner planet, that there is hope for a more sustainable future. 

We think you will agree, if you just listen to your heart.

It’s smart

The best thing about SurfCleaner’s technology is that it is so smart. We offer simple solutions that make a big difference.

Some smart facts:

  • The pollutants are collected and separated simultaneously from the water
  • SurfCleaner can separate up to 8 cubic meters of pure oil per hour, and the discharge can be handled automatically
  • SurfCleaner is inexpensive to purchase and operate and energy consumption is low, it can be operated with solar cells

  • Highly durable, long lifetime; there are SurfCleaners that have been operating for more than 15 years, with minimal service and maintenance.

The fact is, SurfCleaner is simple, inexpensive, efficient and durable – and that’s really smart!

SurfCleaner is an InnoEnergy Boostway Company

Boostway is a program for scale-ups that are expanding and entering new markets.
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