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Meet SurfCleaner at PRC Europe 2024

Surfcleaner will attend the 2024 Petrochemical & Refining Congress

Surfcleaner will attend the Petrochemical & Refining Congress PRC Europe 2024 from 13-15 May in Amsterdam, Netherlands to show our technology for capturing and recovering floating oil during refinery wastewater treatment.

Surfcleaner SCO 8000 continuously separates and collects nearly all floating oil, even oil sheen as thin as >0.1 μm. Using a Surfcleaner system helps refineries meet ESG commitments: 

  • Comply with effluent regulations
  • Lower ppm of hydrocarbons in wastewater
  • Reduce VOCs

Oil captured by Surfcleaner systems can often be reused, contributing to the circular economy. Read our case study to learn how Surfcleaner helped Sonatrach recover and re-refine nearly 100% of the wasted oil.

PRC Europe is an opportunity for industry leaders to come together and make progress toward decarbonizing the Downstream industry while meeting the growing demand for more sustainable products.

Send us a note if you would like to connect with Surfcleaner at PRC Europe or if you would like to learn more about Surfcleaner solutions for refinery wastewater treatment.