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KC VA Massan

Meet us at VA-mässan in Jönköping, Sweden, March 29-31

VA-mässan (The Swedish Water and Wastewater Fair) has been the water industry’s most important meeting-place for many years, and has a long history with a wide range of exhibitors and activities.

The Water and Wastewater Fair was held for the first time in 1997, and since then there have been six further fairs, making it a well-established meeting-place and marketplace for the industry.

World Premier for the SCW 6000

SurfCleaner will launch the unique, energy-efficient system for continuous removal, separation, and recovery of sludge on water surfaces – SCW 6000. Visit us in stand B05:34 to learn more about the SurfCleaner benefits, and also experience live demonstration of our ingenious technology!

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