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wastewater basin at Equinor

Orano DS uses SurfCleaner technology to collect and separate radioactive oily effluents at La Hague

Orano, a global leader in nuclear fuel recycling, has been exploring SurfCleaner technology for collecting and eliminating radioactive oily effluents during dismantling activities. Tests with various oils conducted by SurfCleaner in the presence of Orano representatives yielded highly positive results.

Consequently, Orano DS (Dismantling and Services) swiftly recognized SurfCleaner SCO 1000 as meeting their expectations and requirements. We interviewed Stéphane Ducreux, commissioning manager at Orano DS.

Tell us about Orano and Orano DS.

“Orano DS, a Business Unit of Orano, specializes in Dismantling and Services, offering tailored solutions across three main areas: nuclear operator support services, dismantling of nuclear equipment and facilities, and radioactive waste management. With 50 years of experience, the 5,000-strong team prioritizes safety, innovation, and professionalism. Internationally, Orano DS extends its expertise beyond France to countries like the United States, Germany, and others through strategic partnerships.”

What is your goal in your role?

“My task is to define, organize, carry out, and interpret the tests conducted on operations and equipment deployed in the dismantling of nuclear installations.”

Why did you start exploring this type of solution?

“We are ourselves producers of experience. Our dismantling activities are new and have little experience. Therefore, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to meet our needs.”

Why did you ultimately choose SurfCleaner?

“We initially identified an opportunity that we wanted to validate through the tests conducted with you.”

What was the biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

“Welcoming SurfCleaners’ specialists under the best conditions by sharing our needs and your constraints beforehand. In my opinion, this was the case.”

At the date of release of this customer case, Orano DS has purchased a SCO 1000 and SurfCleaner AB started to work on adapting the machine to their environment.

“We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to meet our needs and identified SurfCleaner technology to collect and eliminate radioactive oily effluents from our basins as part of dismantling activities.” -Stéphane Ducreux, Commissioning Manager, ORANO DS

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