SurfCleaner SCO 8000 cleans wastewater at steel processing plant in Argentina

Application Case: Turn-key solution in wastewater plant in Argentina

Aeration Argentina, a SurfCleaner distributor in Argentina, has already delivered and installed three SCO 8000 systems to a major steel producer in Latin America. A fourth machine is planned to be in operation by June 2024. We Interviewed Roberto Derosa, General Manager of Aeration Argentina S.A. about this business:

Can you briefly tell us about industrial wastewater treatment in Steel Processing industry in Argentina?
“The steel processing industry in Argentina produces around 5 Million Tons of steel and 6 Million Tons of laminates per year, and most of the production is run by less than 10 companies that employ around 20.000 people. This industry uses a moderate amount of water, and the wastewater is usually contaminated with minerals and oil.”

Can you tell us about your customer?
“Our customer is one of the largest steel producers of the country, and supplies products for the automotive, agriculture and kitchen appliances industries.”

What was your customer’s main challenge?
“Our customer was looking for a technology that would improve the collection, separation, and recovery efficiency of the oils present in the wastewater.”

What kind of solution where they exploring from start?
“They were looking for a robust and automated technology with minimal water content in the recovered oil.”

Why did they ultimately choose SurfCleaner SCO 8000?
“We initially identified an opportunity that we wanted to validate through the tests conducted with SurfCleaner’s technical team.”

Can you tell us about the complete engineering solution including SurfCleaner SCO 8000 you have developed?
“Aeration Argentina worked on a complete solution that included the SurfCleaner SCO 8000, along with a raft in which a pump was installed, so that the recovered oil could be directed out of the pond.”

Did the solution met your customer’s expectations?
“The solution supplied met our customer’s expectations in terms of amount and concentration of recovered oil.”

What about SurfCleaner’s potential in that segment in your country?
“We see a high potential for SurfCleaner’s technology, not only in the steel processing industry, but also in other sectors such as oil and mining, where the collection and recovery of oils and hydrocarbons present both a challenge and an opportunity.”

“Our customer from the Steel Processing Industry needed a complete solution adapted to the size of their wastewater basins. Our engineers developed a complete system able to move the SurfCleaner, to filter debris and to extract processed oils. ” -Roberto Derosa, General Manager, Aeration Argentina S.A.

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