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Frederic Peytie SurfCleaner

Welcome Frédéric Peytié

The Surfcleaner team is pleased to welcome Frédéric Peytié as newly appointed Regional Sales Director at Surfcleaner. With a long international experience from global Swedish companies – including Bahco, Sievert and Aritco Lift; Frédéric will be in charge of driving Surfcleaner’s commercial expansion strategy in markets outside Europe and in France.

“I am thrilled to join Surfcleaner as a Regional Sales Director. This marks a significant moment in my career, and I am extremely enthusiastic about becoming a member of a company that is creating a profound positive impact in the world,” said Frédéric.

“Surfcleaner’s commitment to “Clean Water for a Sustainable Future” closely aligns with my personal and professional values. I also firmly believe that our innovative patented technology has the potential to revolutionize our approach to water pollution by efficiently removing contaminants such as oil, diesel, petrol, and sheen from water surfaces.

What excites me most is the vast global potential of our technology and the benefits it offers to our partners and customers. It not only enhances water quality and reduces VOC emissions and carbon footprints, but also contributes to the concept of a circular economy.

I am also happy to be part of a dedicated team that includes individuals like Christina Lundbäck, who passionately upholds the legacy of the late inventor Stig Lundbäck. Surfcleaner isn’t just a pioneer in environmental solutions; it’s also a family-led company that values sustainable industry practices.
I am now looking forward to contributing to Surfcleaner’s extraordinary journey and to help customers worlwide to both access the sustainable solutions we offer and make a meaningful impact on our world’s environmental challenges.”

Frédéric Peytié
Regional Sales Director

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