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SurfCleaner rounds off 2022 with proud company milestone

SurfCleaner is celebrating a significant company milestone to close 2022 after packaging our 98th, 99th and 100th orders. It marks a strong period of activity over the final quarter of the year, with our novel water separation machines reaching even more international destinations.

In the last three months, we have dispatched a variety of SCO 1000, SCW 6000 and SCO 8000 devices – for trials, demonstrations and product placements – to distributors and clients in South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Italy, UK, Spain, Cyprus, Norway, and world-cup winning Argentina.

SurfCleaner Head of Marketing, Roger Eriksson, who will take a lead role in Partner Support in 2023, said: “This year SurfCleaner has gone through a period of transition and restructuring with several changes to our internal composition. Having placed great energy in the expansion of our international network over the last 12 month, SurfCleaner is now in a strong position to maximise its full potential. We have also reinforced our technical team with talented personnel to ensure we deliver the highest standards of customer support. As we enter the New Year, we will build on this recent company milestone, and our 100th order, with an emphasis on sales and lead generation.”

In October, SurfCleaner dispatched two SCO 1000 demonstration units to distributors Acquaremedy in South Africa and MENA Engineering in the United Arab Emirates. This was followed by two SCW 6000 deliveries to partners WTE in Italy and Pump Supplies in the UK, for wastewater treatment trials.

Later in November, SurfCleaner distributed three SCO 1000 demo units to CTP Asia in Singapore, Briggs Marine in the UK and Politech in Spain, with one additional SCO 1000 ATEX device sent for a refinery trial at Sonatrach in Italy. Later in the month two SCW 6000 devices were sent to JNG Engineering in Cyprus for a wastewater treatment project, and Christian Berner in Norway for a food processing trial.

Finally, in December, SurfCleaner prepared two SCO 8000 devices and a single SCO 1000 device for a steel mill order in Argentina, along with three separate SCO 1000 orders for process water treatment and oil-spill related projects in Scandinavia.

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Johnny Sajland

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