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Team SurfCleaner Partner Conference 2022

SurfCleaner to stage second Partner Conference of 2022 following continued global expansion

SurfCleaner is today staging its second Partner Conference of 2022 following the continued expansion of its global partner network.

A total of 21 delegates, representing 16 countries, will join the event at SurfCleaner’s headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. It comes shortly after the firm’s inaugural Distributor’s Conference, held in May, earlier this year.

SurfCleaner VP of International Sales, Stefan Wall Qvist, sais a series of new agreements have also been signed over the summer period with new partners joining from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland and Poland.

The company is aiming to have more than 25 global partnerships in place by 2023.

“Owing to the resounding success of our first Partner Conference, and the continued rapid expansion of our global network, we decided to stage a second in event this Autumn. There is really no better way to communicate the rich heritage of the SurfCleaner brand, and the passion for our technology, than meeting our team directly and carrying out customer site visits to see the products in action. For new and established partners this provides vital hands-on experience in order to expand their knowledge, grow understanding and develop personal connections.

SurfCleaner is passionate about making a positive, sustainable and direct impact on the environment. Our cutting-edge water separation technology is hugely versatile, and capable of driving significant improvements across several $1billion market segments, all suffering from substantial issues with water surface pollutants. However, in order to maximise this potential, it remains essential that we build partnerships with like-minded people around the world, with whom we share core values. This is why we continue a concerted effort to expand our global footprint. Together we are on a joint mission to push for cleaner water, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a stronger circular economy.”

SurfCleaner VP of International Sales, Stefan Wall Qvist

SurfCleaner’s distributor base has grown ten-fold since 2020. Benefitting from major export potential, it is largely focusing on three specific sectors. Firstly, oil water separation, managing oil spills in industrial processes as well as oil spills from accidents at sea, where separating oil from water today is a costly and complicated process. Secondly, waste-water treatment across industrial plants and thirdly surface debris removal, collecting and separating material from rivers, ports and nearshore coastal zones.

The upcoming conference is set to follow a similar format to the inaugural event with presentations from SurfCleaner Founder and Corporate Relations Manager Christina Lundbäck alongside CEO Mikael Andersson, plus a number of senior team leaders.

The delegation will later enjoy customer site visits and manufacturer tours combined with on-site product training, including installation and set-up procedures, as well as technical ‘troubleshooting’.

For more information, please contact:

Roger Eriksson

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