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SurfCleaner Water Value Podcast

A Heart-Based Approach to Industrial Water Treatment with Christina Lundbäck

Episode Description

Christina Lundbäck provides a fascinating discussion of SurfCleaner and its applications to remove contaminants from water at wastewater treatment plants, industrial facilities, ports, harbors, and spills.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

What SurfCleaner is, how the technology behind SurfCleaner was developed, how SurfCleaner was developed based on the human heart, how SurfCleaner helps separate and capture floating solids, how SurfCleaner helps remove oil and fuel from water, how reduced emissions is a byproduct of SurfCleaner, why industrial applications are ideal for SurfCleaner, why pretreatment applications are ideal for SurfCleaner, why “upstream” applications are ideal for SurfCleaner, the difficulties of using SurfCleaner in the open sea and ocean, how SurfCleaner differs from traditional skimmers and Christina’s leave-behind message.

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