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SurfCleaner oil skimmer separator hybrids

SurfCleaner Rebranding

SurfCleaner is changing the names of our skimmer separator hybrid models to reflect the separation capacity.

The new product names are SCO 8000, SCO 1000 and SCW 6000. Christina Lundbäck, Founder & CMO says:

“The separation capacity makes more sense for our customers, this is a great way to understand how the SurfCleaner range stand out compared to other, traditional skimmers. We are currently developing a number of new products, so the timing to rebrand the products in our portfolio feels right.”

The SurfCleaner Family

The SCO 8000 is a proven skimmer separator hybrid for industrial applications. Most refineries have installed the SCO 8000 in API separators, where it will run automatically and continuously, reducing VOC emissions, operational costs and recovering up to 8,000 of pure oil per hour.

The SCO 1000 is a smaller skimmer separator hybrid, which is compact and portable. It’s suited for industrial applications, as well as marine oil spills. It can be controlled with a smartphone app and will have the option to be powered by solar energy. The separation capacity is 1,000 liters of pure oil per hour. The SCW 6000 is a skimmer separator hybrid developed for the wastewater treatment industry. It can collect, separate, and recover 6,000 liters of sludge, grease and other floating debris per hour.

The SCW 6000 helps wastewater treatment plants reduce water use, power consumption, manual work, aeration and use of active carbon and chemicals. The  SCW 6000 is currently being tested at one of Sweden’s largest wastewater treatment plants. For more information, please contact us below.

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Podd & intervju

Water Values Podcast

Christina Lundbäck deltar i ett fascinerande samtal om SurfCleaner och applikationerna för att avlägsna föroreningar från vatten i avloppsreningsverk, industrier, hamnar, och vid utsläpp.

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Mässa & event

Digital förhandsvisning av SCW 6000

Vi kommer att köra en live presentation av vår nya SCW 6000 – ett unikt system för insamling, separation och återvinning av flytslam i reningsverk.

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Podd & intervju

Christina Lundbäck samtalar med Sustainability Talks

Christina Lundbäck gästar Sustainability Talks för att prata om sin pappas uppfinning som hjälper oljeraffinaderier, industrier och reningsverk att rena sina utsläpp.

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