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SCO 8000 Skimmer Separator Hybrid at Preem Refinery



Reduce VOC emissions by up to 95%

The SurfCleaner SCO 8000 is a proven, high-capacity oil skimmer separator hybrid for floating oil removal and recovery. It is used by refineries, oil process industries and oil ports to cut CO2 emissions and comply with regulations. Floating oil products are removed before they evaporate, so hazardous VOCs are significantly reduced.

Capture revenue from recovered oil, diesel & petrol

The SCO 8000 separates and captures 100% of floating oil, petrol or diesel from water. The recovered product can be reused or sold, providing an additional revenue stream.

Recycle Wastewater & Eliminate Oil Absorbents Use

The SCO 8000 removes even thin oil sheen, leaving wastewater ready to be re-used in refinery or port operations. There is no need for oil absorbents or additional offsite treatment, saving costs and minimizing negative environmental impact.

The SurfCleaner SCO 8000 is ATEX/EX-certified for Zone 0, with an energy efficient operation & separation capacity of 8000 liters of oil per hour.

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SurfCleaner is a Swedish water treatment specialist and pioneer of the world’s first skimmer separator device. We are on a mission to make a positive, direct and sustainable impact on the environment.

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