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Aeration Argentina uses SurfCleaner SCO 8000 to remove hydrocarbons from wastewater

Aeration Argentina demonstrates Surfcleaner technology for removing hydrocarbon water pollution, avoiding 12.4 tCO2e emissions

Delegates of the European Union and the Swedish Embassy in Buenos Aires visited Aeration Argentina in January to participate in a demonstration of Surfcleaner’s innovative technology that removes nearly all hydrocarbon pollution from water.

Amador Sánchez Rico, Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union in Argentina, Diego Schulman, the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Sweden, and Stephanie Horel, the Project Officer of the European Union were among those in attendance for the demonstration. 

Aeration Argentina applies Surfcleaner technology for recovery of hydrocarbons from water

Aeration Argentina S.A. is a company dedicated to water and wastewater treatment for 30 years. Among the solutions incorporated into its production processes, Surfcleaner AB systems stand out. Surfcleaner has developed the Oil Skimmer SCO 8000 for the recovery of floating pollutants –  mainly hydrocarbons –  from the surface of the water. The SCO 8000 manages to remove 99.9% of the hydrocarbons from water, allowing them to be reused for other productive activities and also allowing the recovery of the water used. Until now, existing systems achieved at best a recovery of 80% of hydrocarbons.

The installation in Argentina cleans 175+ billion liters of water in a year

In a pilot test conducted by Aeration Argentina, the SCO 8000 recovered around 700m3/year of oil for reuse as fuel and 175,200,000 m3/year of water, thus generating a positive impact on effluent treatment with lower energy consumption, avoiding the emission of 12.4 Tons of CO2e.

“Every second Surfcleaners are cleaning wastewater from different types of oily pollutants all around the world,” says Surfcleaner’s founder Christina Lundbäck. “We’re very grateful to have Aeration Argentina representing Surfcleaner technology and achieving great results in Argentina.”

Surfcleaner and Aeration Argentina collaboration is facilitated through Low Carbon Business Action program

The collaboration between the Swedish company Surfcleaner and the Aeration Company of Argentina is a success story of the Low Carbon Business Action program which facilitates partnerships between European and Latin American companies. The program has been instrumental in identifying potential suppliers, carrying out feasibility studies, and creating spaces to disseminate new technologies.