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SurfCleaner exhibits at Interspill 2022 with water treatment ‘wonder-weapon’, the SCO 1000

SurfCleaner is exhibiting at Interspill 2022 with water treatment ‘wonder-weapon’ supporting oil spill clean-up and recovery missions worldwide.

The SCO 1000 will be displayed at Interspill for the first time, offering a revolutionary solution for oil response operators working across harbours, coastlines and inland spills.

The only system in the world capable of removing and separating oil, diesel and petrol sheens, the SCO 1000 provides a unique solution to efficiently tackle oil-spills, removing the need for costly absorbents.

The ‘hybrid’ skimmer-separator treats a broad range of other harmful contaminants from water surfaces – including diesel, petrol, plastics, sludge and other pollutants.

“The SCO 1000 is our ‘wonder-weapon’ for the oil spill response sector, and it will be making its debut appearance at Interspill 2022,” he said. “The streamlined, lightweight machine is ideal for operating in challenging marine environments. It contains just two moving parts, including the motor and mechanical bellows, removing the need for pneumatics, hydraulics, pumps or hoses. This dramatically reduces maintenance costs, while the simplicity of the design makes it versatile, easily transportable and deployable in restricted locations. In terms of energy and environmental benefits, the SCO 1000 requires just 20W of electricity, on average, which is equivalent to a small household lightbulb. Other comparable devices require close to 15 times the energy demand. This ultra-low power profile means the SCO 1000 device can be operated using mobile batteries for up to four days.”

Stefan Wall Qvist, Vice President of International Sales


Hosted in Amsterdam at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Interspill 2022 runs from June 21-23. It will cover a broad range of topics related to oil and pollution response as well as marine governance.

Earlier in 2022, SurfCleaner announced a partnership agreement with Briggs Marine to unleash its SCO 1000 device across the UK. It followed a three-week test period where the device repeatedly removed 200ltrs of oil from a 9000ltr contaminated tank in just 15 minutes, completely removing the sheen.

“Interspill 2022 marks one of the first face-to-face events for the global oil spill industry since the pandemic. While it’s been a challenging period for all businesses, the SurfCleaner team will arrive with a wave of momentum following a series of high-profile deals. In the last 18 months we have redoubled efforts and found innovative ways to drive growth. Now, with a bigger team, larger product portfolio and a rapidly expanding global distributor network SurfCleaner is in a stronger position than ever before to make a significant impact on the water treatment market, and notably support the global oil spill response and recovery sector. With greater consciousness of our collective role to protect the planet and avert the climate crisis, the true value of our technology is only set to increase.”

Mikael Andersson, CEO SurfCleaner

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