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Ricardo Cambra

Welcome Ricardo Cambra

Ricardo Cambra – Service Engineer

We welcome Ricardo to the SurfCleaner team! Ricardo has joined Surfcleaner as a Service Engineer and will be working with SurfCleaner’s water treatment installations at customer sites. Ricardo will be based in Norrköping at our manufacturing partner JohSjö AB.

Ricardo has more than 10 years of experience in various roles as an engineer and technical manager, working in surface treatment and wastewater. He has worked as a production manager in various industrial manufacturing companies and has many years of experience in maintenance and construction as a self-employed professional.

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Ricardo Cambra

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Dimitris Polidis Ny på jobbet

Welcome Dimitris Polidis

We welcome Dimitris to the SurfCleaner team! Dimitris will be the link between sales and mechanical customization on site at the customer.

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Magnus Uppman - team SurfCleaner Ny på jobbet

Welcome Magnus Uppman

We welcome Magnus to the SurfCleaner team! Magnus will contribute to the development of software and services for the SurfCleaner products with a customer oriented focus.

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Niklas Gedal Ny på jobbet

Welcome Niklas Gedal

We welcome Niklas Gedal to the SurfCleaner team! Niklas will join the Nordic Sales team and has a background in technical sales/product management in the construction industry.

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