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Interspill Conference

Meet us at Interspill 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 21-23

Hosted in Amsterdam at the RAI exhibition and convention centre the event has a busy conference with a broad range of topics related to oil and pollution response as well as marine governance. It is accompanied by a busy exhibition that reflects the content of the conference.

Exhibitors will be holding workshops, seminars as well as have on site or on water demonstrations from the venue. This makes the event a must for those whose products are better shown in action!

The world’s first skimmer/separator hybrid

The SurfCleaner technology is unique; by combining variations in inflow velocity and direction with gravimetric separation, the process is very efficient – keeping pollutants from accumulating on the water surface and therefore help minimizing VOC emissions. Come to stand B90 to learn more about the SurfCleaner benefits, and also experience live demonstration of our ingenious technology!

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Stefan Wall Qvist SurfCleaner
Mikael Andersson

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SCO 8000 Argentina Pressrelease

SurfCleaner lands first South America deal – Aeration Argentina SA

SurfCleaner has landed its first South American deal after securing a high-profile contract with industrial plant operator Aeration Argentina.

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Europe Carbon Tax Artikel

European Carbon Taxes and Emissions – SurfCleaner

Carbon taxes use financial incentives and penalties to encourage businesses or consumers to reduce CO2 emissions by putting a price on activities or products that are carbon-intensive.

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SCO1000 mobile controlled skimmer Video

SurfCleaner SCO 1000 demo video

Del 2 i SurfCleaners demoserie - lär dig mer om hur SCO 1000 fungerar.

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