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Interview with Christina Lundbäck, SurfCleaner

Energy Capital interview with Christina Lundbäck

Exclusive interview by Energy Capital Media with Christina Lundbäck, talking about tangible solutions, and how the SurfCleaner technology makes a positive, direct and sustainable impact on the evironment.

“The global issue of floating pollutants in the water needs efficient solutions, and SurfCleaner is bringing them to the table to advance the energy transition and a cleaner economy.”

You can also read the feature in Energy Capital’s December 2021 issue: Click here!

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SCO 8000 gravity oil water skimmer separator demo Video

SurfCleaner SCO 8000 demo video

Part 1 in the SurfCleaner Demo Series – Learn more about how the SCO 8000 oil skimmer separator hybrid works.

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SCO 1000 oil skimmer separator demo at Ultratech Video

The SCO 1000 vs. 30 US gallons of oil

Watch the world’s first skimmer separator hybrid demonstration video.

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- Video

Testing at a customer’s site

Early proof-of-concept testing of a predecessor to the SCO 1000 – collecting, separating and discharging one liter of pure oil.

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