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SurfCleaner Leading With Social Impact

Leading With Social Impact


Floating pollutants, debris, oil and sludge etc. are quite challenging to separate from the water surface. Starting from the industrial segment to the waste water treatment plants, everyone is looking for robust solutions for this problem. Most of the present solutions out there are either labour and energy intensive or takes a lot of time. Moreover, if done properly the floating waste like sludge can be reused to make biogas or fertilizers for plants. We need a solution which is automated, consumes less energy and is efficient to separate the pollutants without wasting any fresh water.

Join me in the conversation with Christina Lundbäck, CMO and founder of SurfCleaner AB where she talks about their innovative solution which helps in keeping pollutants from accumulating on the water surface and therefore help minimizing VOC emissions.

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Christina Lundbäck on private banking Podd & intervju

Hjärtat slår för miljön

Christina Lundbäck blir intervjuad av “Talk with Nordea Private Banking”.

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Europe Carbon Tax Artikel

European Carbon Taxes and Emissions – SurfCleaner

Carbon taxes use financial incentives and penalties to encourage businesses or consumers to reduce CO2 emissions by putting a price on activities or products that are carbon-intensive.

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Founders Session med SurfCleaner Video

Founders Session med SurfCleaner

Se Christina Lundbäck delta i Founders Session på Sweden Innovation Days, där hon diskuterar hur SurfCleaner kan spela en nyckelroll i lösningen på samhällsproblem.

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