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SurfCleaner in Innoenergy catalogue

SurfCleaner is a sustainable energy innovation

In January, EIT InnoEnergy released its 2020 catalogue, a guide to almost 250 of the most commercially attractive innovations available in sustainable energy. SurfCleaner is one of 34 Swedish companies on the list, which is more than most other European countries. Only France and Spain have more companies in the catalogue.


”We have a long tradition of adopting new technology in Sweden.”

Ibrahim Baylan (S), Minister of Trade and Industry, Sweden


The list is also proof that SurfCleaner founder Stig Lundbäck was a real visionary, and that his legacy is strong – three of Sweden’s 34 companies are founded on his innovations: SurfCleaner, CorPower Ocean and Cascade Drives.

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Water Values Podcast

Christina Lundbäck deltar i ett fascinerande samtal om SurfCleaner och applikationerna för att avlägsna föroreningar från vatten i avloppsreningsverk, industrier, hamnar, och vid utsläpp.

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Christina Lundbäck samtalar med Sustainability Talks

Christina Lundbäck gästar Sustainability Talks för att prata om sin pappas uppfinning som hjälper oljeraffinaderier, industrier och reningsverk att rena sina utsläpp.

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