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SurfCleaner Newsletter

SurfCleaner featured in ISCO Newsletter #771

We are happy to be a part of ISCO, and grateful for their help to spread the word about the unique SurfCleaner technology.

ISCO is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in London in 1984 and dedicated to improving world-wide preparedness for response to oil and chemical spills. ISCO is a truly international organization, currently with membership in 50 countries around the world.

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SurfCleaner shortlisted as a finalists for the Techarenan Challenge 2022 in Almedalen

SurfCleaner has been shortlisted as one of the top 30 finalists for the Techarenan Challenge 2022 in Almedalen.

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SurfCleaner Inaugural Distributors Conference Nyhet

SurfCleaner stages inaugural Distributors Conference

SurfCleaner recently successfully concluded its inaugural Distributor Conference following rapid expansion of its global partner network.

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Christina Lundbäck on private banking Podd & intervju

Hjärtat slår för miljön

Christina Lundbäck blir intervjuad av “Talk with Nordea Private Banking”.

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