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Prototype testing of new SurfCleaner model, SCO 1000

Prototype testing in Mike’s garage

The SurfCleaner team finds new, innovative ways to move forward. Even though Covid-19 holds the world in a tight grip, we continue to push our developments further. We like to find our own solutions; when travel restrictions stop us from going to our testing facility, we set up shop in our CEO’s garage.

We are currently testing a prototype for our smaller oil/water separator. As you can see it’s pretty amazing, and even if it is small, foldable and portable it can collect, separate and recover 1,000 liters of oil per hour – with a water content of less than 0.5%.

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Flytslam Ar En Hjartefraga- SurfCleaner AB Video

SurfCleaner webinarium om flytslam

Se vårt webinarium om flytslam och presentation av SCW 6000.

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SCO1000 mobile controlled skimmer Video

SurfCleaner SCO 1000 demo video

Del 2 i SurfCleaners demoserie - lär dig mer om hur SCO 1000 fungerar.

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SCO 8000 gravity oil water skimmer separator demo Video

SurfCleaner SCO 8000 demo video

Del 1 i SurfCleaners demoserie - Lär dig mer om hur SCO 8000 oljeskimmer / separatorhybrid fungerar.

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