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The Coast Guard is responsible for taking care of emissions at open seas and in the archipelago. When a ship or boat capsizes, the wreckage will leak oil and diesel for a long time. A freighter might rinse their tanks and dispose the contents into the water.



The Coast Guard has used the model SCC 150 to collect oil and diesel in a quick and efficient manner. It is the precursor to DEBRIS CLEANER which can remove both oil, diesel and debris.

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Many oil spills that were considered too small or too inconvenient to collect with other skimmers with brushes that needs to be cleaned, can now be taken up smoothly and easily.

“We have used our SURFCLEANERS for oil spill clearance of ship wreckage in Swedish waters. We are very pleased with the results and handiness and now we are considering to buy more units.”

Jan Fälteke

Swedish Coast Guard