SurfCleaner for oil water separation​

SurfCleaner SCO 400

More than 30 SurfCleaner units have been in operation for 10+ years in the oil water separation segment. We have served a variety of customers, including oil refineries, coast guards, and industrial ports in the Nordics and in Europe, for example: Preem Refinery, Esso Refinery, Exxon Mobil, Swedish Coast Guard, The Port of Stockholm, and Midroc.

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Port of Stockholm

“SurfCleaner has made our daily work easier. The solution performs so well that the results are below the environmental requirement of 3 ppm hydrocarbons in the cleaned water.”

Niklas Lundqvist, Energy Harbor Manager


“We were asked to test SurfCleaner to find out what it could handle – and run it until it broke down. It has worked perfectly since 2004 and we have recovered our investment more than 20 times over.”

Erik Bäcklund, CEO


“We found that SurfCleaner improved both separation and cleaning efficiency in the gravimetric separator. Since the start it has been operating continuously.”

Erik Falkeman, Production Engineer Offsite
Stefan Jansson, Production Engineer

SurfCleaner benefits

  • Automatic collection and separation of oil with up to 100% separation capability
  • Capacity to collect and separate 8,000 liters of pure oil per hour
  • Operates 24/7, over long periods of time, with minimal maintenance needs
  • Energy and cost-efficient operation, enabling substantial cost savings
  • Easy handling and installation with minimal service requirements
  • Developed for refineries, oil depots, harbours, and industrial facilities

A well-proven, energy efficient solution

Conventional solutions are often manual, inefficient and expensive

Oil spills in the oceans from accidents and other causes are a major pollution threat. Today, a variety of solutions, such as skimmers, barriers, chemicals and burning are used to collect and/or remove the oil with varying degrees of efficiency. The majority of solutions do not have the capability to collect petrol and diesel and these are often left to evaporate into the air.

SurfCleaner – a well-proven, energy efficient solution

Automated and highly effective, SurfCleaner represents a solid contribution towards managing the global water surface pollution problem. It is a well-proven, energy efficient system that collects and separates pollutants from water surfaces. Easy to install, run and maintain, SurfCleaner will separate oil, petrol or diesel, from the water surface at the location of the spill. The extent of the spill determines how many SurfCleaner units are required.

Up to 100% separation of 8,000 liters of oil per hour

The SurfCleaner technology is based on gravimetric separation, collecting both the carrier fluid and the top layer substance – allowing up to 100% separation of the top layer substance, and a separation capacity of 8,000 liters/h. Most of our customers have installed the SurfCleaner in an API separator, claiming that SurfCleaner is far more efficient and cost effective than other skimmers and separators.

Advanced yet simple

SurfCleaner is advanced yet ingeniously simple. The patented collection and separation process has been developed into a self-managing solution consisting of only two moving parts. The separated oil is discharged to an external storage tank. Disposal costs are mimimized since the oil is up to 100% pure and recyclable.

SurfCleaner has been developed through years of extensive research in close co-operation with customers. In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, it is durable and easily maintained.

For technical specifications, download the product sheet or contact us.

How it works:


The shape of the SurfCleaner, combined with the negative pressure, pulls the circular floating ring down under the water surface to create a circular inflow zone, making the oil on the surface flow into the SurfCleaner.


The flow will pull the oil down towards the bottom of the SurfCleaner. Utilizing deflection disks the oil is forced out to the periphery of the SurfCleaner. The water continues out through the bottom outlet.

3. Discharge

With the water acting as a piston, the oil will then be transported to an external storage tank. A sensor connected to the control system makes it possible to discharge SurfCleaner automatically.


SurfCleaner collects the oil on the surface.


Up to 100% separation of oil and water.


SurfCleaner has the capacity to collect, separate and discharge up to 8 cubic meters of pure oil per hour.

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