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SurfCleaner is a surface separator for 100% removal, separation and recovery of oil, diesel, petrol, microplastics, sludge, debris, and more.

How SurfCleaner works:

100% removal
100% separation
100% recovery

The SurfCleaner technology is based on gravimetric separation, removing both the carrier fluid and the top layer substance – allowing 100% separation and recovery of the top layer substance - with a water content of less than 0.5%. Our customers claim that SurfCleaner is far more efficient and cost effective than other skimmers and separators.

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The Lundbäck Legacy

Where others just saw a muscle, Stig Lundbäck saw innovations that can change the world. Watch Stig’s daughter, Christina Lundbäck talk about her father and his legacy.

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The problem

Environmental problems caused by mankind are rapidly becoming the greatest humanitarian challenge in the world, with pollution already costing more human lives than war and violence combined.

Today, 80% of global wastewater goes untreated, and two million tons of sewage and other effluents enter the world’s oceans and waterways every single day, causing major problems for both humans and wildlife.

The solution

SurfCleaner is a well-proven, energy efficient system that collects and separates pollutants from water surfaces. Easy to install, run and maintain, SurfCleaner effectively removes a wide variety of contaminants from water, including oil, diesel, petrol, plastic litter, and sludge.

We take responsibility.
Join us!

Together, we can ensure that oil, petrol, and diesel are removed faster, before toxic gases are formed, before birds, animals and marine life are affected, before our water becomes unfit.

Cooperation with the oil industry, players in the water and wastewater sectors, coast guard, non-profit organizations and other ocean cleaning initiatives around the world will enable us to help clean up oil spills and littering, thus reducing negative environmental effects in the longer term.

The responsibility for a cleaner planet is something we all share. Let us show you how SurfCleaner can solve your specific problem – and join us in helping the planet.