The Lundbäck Legacy

On the 30th of March 1984, Doctor Stig Lundbäck patented the human heart, or to be more precise, he patented the technology that resembles the human heart’s pump function – eventually calling it DAPP (Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump).

Stig’s daughter, Christina Lundbäck talks about her father and his legacy – how to use the heart’s mechanism to create new sustainable industrial products – leading to the creation of three innovative companies; SurfCleaner, Cascade Drives and CorPower Ocean.


The support from the Swedish Energy Agency has been instrumental in allowing the entire world to benefit from Stig’s discoveries. Stig is no longer with us, but his ideas live on – continuing to generate more new products.

The Swedish Energy Agency supports hundreds of Swedish innovators in their pursuit of solutions that can help our world face the challenges of energy transition.

Learn more about Stig Lundbäck’s legacy:

Axwell & SurfCleaner

Watch the video from his visit to the Ports of Stockholm and learn about his love for the ocean, and his ambition to help contribute to a more sustainable  planet.