Water treatment

Efficient and environmentally friendly surface treatment of oil spills and debris
on all water surfaces


In water reservoirs, a protein film is often occurring on the water surface, which is difficult to remove. When the water level is lowered, the layer is sticking to the edges. Then, when the level rises, the layer may get thicker. Eventually it may loosen and fall to the bottom. SURFCLEANER PARTICLES has been developed to eliminate this problem by continuously clearing the water surface from any protein layer. To avoid the risk of contamination of the water, the power transmission between the engine and propeller is magnetic.


This SURFCLEANER can be equipped with a particulate filter adapted to the contaminant to be removed – for example, proteins, oil, etc. The filters are fully combustible, which means easier maintenance and use. There is also a SURFCLEANER that can suck up sludge and foam at sewage treatment plants.

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This SURFCLEANER is specially designed for confined spaces and can be inserted through a manhole cover of 60 cm. The floating pontoons can be folded for transport and in narrow passages.