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Unique wastewater treatment product for removal, separation, and recovery of sludge on water surfaces

SurfCleaner - technology for wastewater treatment


The SCW 600 is designed to remove sludge and foam from the water surface in wastewater treatment plants, where these pollutants otherwise prohibit an effective water cleaning process. By removing and separating the sludge, the water cleaning process will run more effectively, and the sludge can even be recovered in a later process. The SCW 600 is controlled remotely by an easy-to-use app for smartphones.

Customer case – the treatment of sludge in wastewater plant

Tekniska verken testing a unique sludge treatment method

From time to time, floating sludge accumulates in a cake-like formation on the surface, disrupting the treatment process and spreading unpleasant odours. To date, removing the surface sludge has required manual flushing, energy intensive aeration, and dosing with extra chemicals. Now however, SurfCleaner’s smart method will be tested that involves a unique technique for the removal of surface sludge.

“It will be exciting to test a SurfCleaner system during the coming year. If it performs as well as we expect and hope, it will save us man-hours, energy and chemicals.”

Björn Eriksson, Plant Manager, Tekniska verken, Nykvarn

Video from Tekniska verken

SCW 600 removing, separating and recovering sludge in a wastewater treatment basin.

SCW 600 product – features and benefits

SurfCleaner is an advanced yet ingeniously simple wastewater treatment solution. The patented collection and separation process has been developed into a self-managing solution consisting of only two moving parts. The separated sludge is discharged to an external storage tank. In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, it is durable and easily maintained.

  • Automatic removal and separation of sludge from wastewater
  • Capacity to collect and separate 8,000 liters of sludge per hour
  • Continuous operation: 24 h per day, 7 days a week, with minimal service requirements
  • Energy and cost-efficient operation, saving substantial costs
  • Easy handling and installation, minimal service requirements
  • Developed in co-operation with water treatment plants in Sweden

For technical specifications, download the product sheet or contact us.

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