Surface cleaning

Efficient and environmentally friendly surface cleaning of oil spills and debris
on all water surfaces


With DEBRIS CLEANER (DC), it is possible to remove solid contaminants from water surfaces. It can be adapted to the problem and to pollutant materials. Since DC is working with high flows and low pressures it can also be powered by battery or by solar power.


For larger areas with more material, liquid bags can be used. DEBRIS CLEANER sends a signal to the user when the bag needs to be replaced. It can also remove oil. DC is also available as a smaller unit of ponds and pools. For open sea and ports there are larger models.

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The new patented solution with a junk trap designed as a rake, causes all floating debris to end up in the centre of the container. Is there also oil present in the liquid impurities, it will flow through the “rake” to the bottom of the separator. There is a coalesces filter that concentrates the smaller oil droplets into bigger particles. The oil rises and ends up in the centre and is pushed out in a bag of oil absorbent material.