Oil spill

Efficient and environmentally friendly surface cleaning of oil spills and debris
on all water surfaces

SCC 600

SCC 600 is a further development of the SCC 400, used in refineries, oil depots, etc. For the collection of oil, we now have three separate mechanisms. The new design makes the collected liquid to rotate. The whole area will then be used for gravimetric separation. There is also a coalesce filter in the bottom of the SURFCLEANER which will make the oil droplets coalesced into larger drops which rise to the surface. These solutions will create an even higher degree of purification than the previous model.


SCC 600 can separate anything – from thin oil skimmer up to heavy oil and is EX-classified. It is possible to automate and integrate with other systems and to have continuous discharge.

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SCC 600

SURFCLEANER works with high flows and low pressures (P (W) = Q (m³ / s) * p (N / m2)) which means it can be driven with low power consumption.
Input Capacity: 0-250 l / min,
Power consumption collection: 50W
Consumption discharge: 300W (average)