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SURFCLEANER collects and eliminates oil spills, oil recovery and debris on water surfaces


Oil spill

SURFCLEANER can deal with oil spill and collect the oil or oil sheen. Depending on the application and requirements, the oil can be collected in a disposable container, oil filters, absorbent bags / tanks, or by continuous automatic emptying. It operates on open seas, harbours and waterways as well as in refineries and transhipment depots.

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Surface cleaning

SURFCLEANER can clean all types of water surfaces from debris in various forms. The new innovation of Debris Cleaner makes it possible to collect debris. The debris (solids) are packed into a container that can easily be emptied or pushed into floating bags. There is also an application of SURFCLEANER that can collect debris and oil simultaneously.

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Water treatment

SURFCLEANER can clean sewage plants from foam, clean water surfaces on slow filter plants and storm water basins of debris. This model of SURFCLEANER can also be equipped with filters for separation of proteins on the surfaces in water towers.

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